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The Christian Israelite Church combines both the teachings of the Old Testament (Israelite) and the New Testament (Christian). As particular aspects of the religion are outlined, you will see both these teachings observed.






Baptism is a religious rite of total immersion in water. In the Christian Israelite Church we use this method for seeking forgiveness for transgressions or sins which have been committed. They undergo complete immersion in an open river or sea, as a temporal sign that they wish to ask for God's forgiveness, while confessing in secret to God, which is the spiritual aspect. It is an evidence that there is a desire to have sins forgiven through the cleansing blood of Jesus (see Matthew 3:13-15; 3:8; Mark 16:16; Acts 8:36,39).


After having received a baptism we believe that each person should, by prayer, seek help from God to be kept from sinning again.