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The Christian Israelite Church combines both the teachings of the Old Testament (Israelite) and the New Testament (Christian). As particular aspects of the religion are outlined, you will see both these teachings observed.






We believe that God requires a minimum of one hour's worship per week from all members and as we are at present in the "times of the Gentiles", this is observed on the Christian Sabbath, Sunday, between 10am and 11am. This is the eleventh hour, which is symbolic of the time when preparation should be made for the return of Christ Jesus (see Matthew 20:9; Matthew 26:40). An Israelite embracing the instructions of Moses, would keep an hour on the seventh day, which begins on Friday evening. Christian Israelites also worship for one hour on Friday evening between 6pm and 9pm as a token of joining Law and Gospel. This latter obligation is required of all who are aspiring to carry out God's fuller instruction to Israel (see Genesis 17:1,2).


At all times Prayer should be in secret between God and the individual. The only prayer used in public at Church Services is the Lord's Prayer according to Luke 11:2-4 (see also Matthew 6:1-6; James 5:16 and Matthew 5:23-26).


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