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The Seven Lights

There are many "sevens" in the Bible and the Christian Israelite Church believes that there were to be "seven lights", or seven Messengers, to enlighten man of God's ways in the last times. The Messengers in the line unfolding God's revelation are as set out below. Each "added" to those who had been before, but yet each can be seen as having a distinct message. It is only through searching the Scriptures that the interpretation which each showed can be understood.


1. Richard Brothers


Introduced the concept of a special message to the "lost tribes of Israel". For more details on Richard Brothers follow the link to Oliver's Bookshop.


2. Joanna Southcott


Sought for people to sign a "petition" for the overthrow of Satan and to show the desire in their hearts for Christ's Kingdom to come. For more information on Joanna Southcott follow the link to a the Joanna Southcott Society website.


3. George Turner


After Joanna Southcott's death, Turner was looked upon by many as the new leader. Unfortunately, it seems that he was quite a 'charmer', and was carried away with worldly glory. For example, he proclaimed to his followers a date on which he believed the world would end, but it did not! He may of course have been alluding to some related spiritual happening.


4. William Shaw


Received communications from about 1819 to 1822, but they have only existed in manuscript. Here, it seems, the appointed committee apparently sought to worship the man and his mission was quickly terminated.


5. John Wroe


Was called, without a knowledge of what had been before, and commanded to establish a separate organisation. Many saw in his teachings of obedience to the commandments the completed story of the Israel people, who would be Christians and who would seek for the redemption of their bodies. He constantly exhorted the people not to follow him, but the Spirit, and as a result of his physical appearance and poor manners of presentation, the committees were not overcome by his personal charisma to any large degree. John Wroe explained that if he were taken away there would be no more human prophets to proclaim Israel's Ingathering. The manner of the Covenant had been established, and now the Spirit of God was to work.


6. Christ


Christ is the Mediator of the New Covenant (see Hebrews 12:23,24). He exhorted that through love we should be obedient to God's commandments (see John 14:15).


7. The Holy Ghost


The Power of the Spiritual Mother will finish the work of perfection in preparing a people for the Lord (see John 14:16,17). This power from God is referred to in Galatians 4:26 as "Jerusalem..... Above, the Mother of us all". Israel are not to be taken out of the world, but have the evil removed from them. These two spirits make this possible (see John 17:9,15).




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